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i'm a prep!

Name:   kate
Age:   15 ..todays my birthday..
Gender:  female
Location:  abilene texas
Tell us something interesting about yourself:  hmm.. my mom is my hero :)

What Do You Think About?
Labeling: i think its dumb. you are just you.
Anorexia: its sad. my best friend suffered it. it tears you apart & its horriable to go through or see somebody go through it
Same sex marriage: i don't think the government should tell you who you can or can not marry. if your happy then thats fine
Teen pregnancy: i think its horriable. & sad. because it completly re arranges your life. & i know im not ready for a kid right now & i don't know if anybody else my age truely is
Abortion: im pro-choice. my body my choice. if i was rapped by a family member i wouldn't want somebody telling me i had to keep my baby.
Drugs: they screw up your life
Teen drinking: if your gonna test the waters be careful. i've done it & i do every once and awhile so i can't say im against it
Going to college: all for it

Quote: 'people are always gonna talk.. so why not give 'em something to talk about'
Band/singer: britney spears. taking back sunday. hawthorne heights. backstreet boys. mercy me.
Song: britney's new song. im not to positive on the name.
Soda/pop: coca cola :)
Sports (to play/ watch): play: soccer. watch: baseball <33
Movie: fast times at ridgemont high. dazed & confused. the notebook & titanic
Store: rue 21. old navy. goody's. abercrombie. a&e. hollister
Color: pink orange green & purple

Random Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend if so post a pic: nope.. im single :)
Biggest fault: i talk to much
Biggest fear(s): bugs
Greatest achievement: not getting grounded all summer :)
Most embarassing monment: wow. there are soo many. when i busted my ass at the pool in front of my crush & his friends :[

This or That
blue or pink ? pink
Brittany or Gwen? britney
Paris or Nicole? paris
Cat or Dog? kitties
Louis Vuitton or Coach? louis vuitton
Abercrombie or American Eagle? abercrombie

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