August 2nd, 2005


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Okay girls, because of my suspension i have to re type the whole tips page and the banners with all the codes. If anyone wants to help me please comment back. Also any tips you have are worth 2 points each. Or more depending upon the tip.

I thought i would put up a...
Best Room.
Thats right, give us a tour of your room.
This is worth 50 points! The winner gets and additional 20 points and their own banner.
Have fun!

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Okay, were not going to let this awesome community get dull! For this week only promos are worth 10 points EACH!
Also dont forget that the theme is outfitts and we need to vote for our favorite, Scavenger Hunt
Teddy bear, CD, Hott guy, A picture of your best friend, Your favorite pair of Amercian Eagle jeans, French manicured nails, Pink Shoe
&& last but not least...
New to the community! Our first one is..
BEST ROOM. Take pictures, show us things from online, anything to show us your wonderful rooms. This is worth 50 points + another 20 if you win best room, your name in the info saying that you have the greatest room, and your own banner.