July 13th, 2005


So... the theme for this week is...




which is tonight by the way. 


so listen to this. 

First of all..

-the guy:  Dark short hair.... polo shirt wearer preferably.. and he must be tall.  He also should be lanky, because as they grow older... they just turn out so nice.

-The setting: well they should take you out for dinner of course!  Preferably to a sit down meal.  I'm not really one to order a salad, so they should be prepared to see a hearty eater.  I like italian, or greek, so if they take me to Park Tower (this oh so yummy restaurant by my house) I will love them forever.  After that, we'll go to a movie... of my choice, and they should offer to pay.  I never let them, but it shows that you're worth $10.00 at least.  After that, they take me home, and then they give me a kiss goodnight, just because goodnight kisses are the best thing ever.... to the max.

Sometimes they're allowed to come in... not to like have sex or anything, but yeah... so if he does come in... then he should just be a gentleman to my siblings, my parents, and then... he gets bonus points.


I know it's simple and everything... but sometimes it's the simple things that are just so delectable.



Hi guys.
I have a question.
Someone commented on my lj and said I was auto-accepted.
So I don't have to do an application, right?

I'm not exactly preppy but it's cool, as long as you guys don't mind.
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