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  This was on the last day of school.  I go to an all girls school, and those are my bestest friends.  From Left: Charlotte, Me, Becca, Emily.  This picture was taken for our school photo shoot. We did a magazine for a fundraiser, and that made cover... so i was totally psyched!This was at the Juno awards... the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy's.  From Left, Gabrielle, Rochelle, Me, and Jessica.  (Jess and Rochelle are twins:p)  This was for a movie i was in.  We had to do a photo shoot in our outfits.  I played Carly... a brainy girl, who has a transformation like makeover, and becomes the most popular girl in school yada yada.  I liked those glasses.



I don't really know why i posted these.  I just sort of felt bored, and wanted to give people and idea of like... ME!

sorry if this breaks rules or anything, Jules!

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