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Mod post - FB,Twitter Connect, and Pingbacks

I am sure most of you have become aware of the recent features LJ has added, and I wanted to take a moment to address what this means for the community.

As you all know, this community by it's very nature demands a certain degree of privacy. There are things that are said around here that most of us probably don't want showing up on our facebooks and twitters. Obviously, we cannot forbid you from activating these features, but I do want to make sure everyone is informed of what this means and how they can protect the things that they post here.

First of all, even if you have these features activated, you can choose to disable them on individual posts and comments. Please be mindful of that opportunity while in this community, both for your own privacy and the privacy of the person whose secret you may be commenting on.  Secondly, If you are concerned that someone linked from one of these outside sites will be able to see your secret, remember that locking your posts will still prevent anyone from seeing them. At this point, locking your posts is the best advice I can give for ensuing that your secrets remain safe here.

As far as pingbacks go, I don't think those are as much of a concern for this community, but again those will only work if both entries involved are not locked.

If you have further questions or concerns about these features, then you can go here to the LJ news entry. The FAQ concerning the FB and twitter connect can be found here. To enable/disable pingbacks, go to your account settings here, under the "privacy" tab. FB and twitter connect can also be enabled/diabled through your account settings, under the "extensions" tab.

And of course, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them here or PM me. I'm far from an expert on this, but I will help you to the best of my ability. =]

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Hey guys, remember this post?

I meant that.

I don't understand why any of you feel it is necessary to harass total strangers over the internet. Quite frankly, it is juvenile and shows that you probably need to find something more productive to occupy your time. If you hate someone on the internet so much that you want to cyber bully them, it is time to walk away from the monitor for a while. If you are just doing it for kicks and giggles then you need to go re-evaluate your maturity level.

Whoever is doing this (be it one of you or many of you) I suggest you gtfo. People come to this comm for support, and when you undermine that you undermine the comm itself. If you can't play nice with the other kids, then kindly remove yourself from the sandbox, or when I find out who you are, I will.

Mod post - Friends

I know we are always saying that staying on-topic is important around here, because we don't want to lose the purpose of the community.  Posts asking for friends are off-topic and from this point forward will be deleted.

But I know that I for one have made quite a few new friends here, and I think that support can often go hand-in-hand with secrets. So I am declaring this an official friending post.

If you are looking to make some new lj-friends, then leave a comment saying so. If you are looking for support, someone to talk to, then leave a comment saying so. If you know of someone whose posts you like, but have been to shy to friend them, then ask them here if you can.  If you want to friend someone, then just reply to their comment and make it happen. This is your chance =]

Alternatively (for your awesome people who can't not play be the rules ;]), post friendship secrets.

Mod notes

Hey everyone =]

I wanted to give a quick reminder that we need to keep things on-topic around here. This is not a place for advertisements for personal journals or other communities. Also, this is not your personal journal. This is a place for things that you don't want to admit anywhere else, not dissertation of your life. Be mindful that not everyone here is looking for advice about their secret. That is a two-way street though. If you leave comments on for your post, you leave it open to the possibility of getting comments. If you don't want opinions or commiseration, then turn off comments.

Also, I wanted to apologize for the business that the mods around here are experiencing. We are all in college and it is crunch time for us right now. Please continue to notify us of any issues you see arising in the comm, and we will take care of them as quickly as we are able.

Let's have some secrets about school.  Go go go! =]

Mod post

This is not a community for posting pictures of yourself, unless those pictures are a secret or directly relate to your secret. If you want to see what people will say about you, then there are multiple communities on livejournal for that purpose, in addition to your own journal.

Since this has never been explicitly stated before, though it seems self-explanatory, I will not delete the entries already posted. However, any off-topic posts from this point forward will be deleted and the poster messaged to explain why. In addition, if you see this going on
contact a moderator!!!!!!

Nothing is more frustrating than getting on here and finding massive amounts of wank, or secrets posted in response to other secrets. If you have an issue, then just send one of us a PM.

We need to keep things on-topic around here. Please make sure that your post contains a secret of some kind.

Mod post

First, since not all of you have seen it, you should go here and give your input on minus_yesterdays post. =] the more the better!

Also, I just wanted to give a general note that the play I am stage managing goes up this weekend <3. As a result, this is tech week and I will be in the theatre every night this week. If any dire emergencies arise in the evening, I recommend contacting one of your other wonderful mods. I will still be around during the day though if you have any concerns.

Secret: I'm going to start surprising my grandma with letters from school. I didn't even tell my mom because I want to make sure she is surprised =]

From a concerned mod, with love

I promise I will put a secret at the end here to keep this on topic, but I wanted to make sure you were all aware of the current hacker issues that LJ is having. From what I can glean from the computer mumbo-jumbo being thrown around, some hackers are targeting journals of moderators of large communities, and then the communities themselves. Some comms I am a part of have already been hit.

Once the journal of the mod is compromised, a post is made in the comm with suspicious links and talk of shutting the comm down and using another platform to host the community. If you see an entry like this anywhere, then for the love of Pete, DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS. Though no one seems to be able to say to what end this is aiming, many users have found keyloggers on their computers after clicking these links.

If you have already found a post like I am describing elsewhere and clicked the links (or you are as paranoid as I am and want to anyway), then run a virus scan on your computer. I recommend Malwarebytes if you are looking for something to do so.

If you want info on how to not be hacked, then copperbadge's post is quite helpful.

If you see this happen here (or elsewhere):
Report the hacking to LJ
Contact the remaining mods of the comm
Report the incident to LJ.

Above all, just use common sense =]

Secret: I pretend that it embarrasses me, but I secretly love it when I catch my boyfriend staring at me.


Mod Post

Hey everyone =]

Just wanted to let you all know that our theatre's spring production has rehearsals starting tonight. I'm the stage manager, so I am going to be pretty busy with it, so I won't be lurking around here as much in the evenings. I will still be around though, and if issues arise feel free to pm or IM me (it's littleheart523 for AIM. Really, if you just want to be friends or need someone to chat with, then go for it =] I am known for signing on and walking away without an away message though, so have patience as I might not actually be sitting there).

Since I can't think of a secret at the moment, for the sake of keeping things on-topic, why don't you all share secrets about theatre/plays/drama club/ anything vaguely relevant to this topic? Go go go!