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your secret is safe with us


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Post Secret LJ edition
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Anybody , Moderated

__postsecret is a Livejournal community inspired by Post Secret.
We are not trying to steal their idea.
__postsecret is a way for more people to be able to share their secrets.
Because you cannot post anonymously, our mods will occasionally make topic posts, where members can share secrets based on a general subject.
This community is NOT for LJdrama. We will not tolerate any rude comments. Respect everyone here or you will be banned.

The point of PostSecret is to keep it a anonymous;therefore, if you decide to make a post, keep in mind that you will reveal your screen name. But feel free to make up a fake screen name to post/comment, or you can just comment anonymously.

This community is open for any LiveJournal user to be able to use.
All members can post and comment on any entry in this community.
Several times throughout the month, mods will post topic posts which members can choose to comment on. You can do so anonymously at this time if you choose.

BEFORE YOU MAKE A POST, READ THIS POST HERE. If you have any questions as to what a secret is, then this post should answer them. POSTS THAT ARE NOT A SECRET WILL BE DELETED.

#001. Please be respectful of other members. We want everyone to feel safe posting here.
#002. Keep your posts short and to the point. If a long detailed description is necessary, please use a lj-cut. This community is not for personal journal type posts! This includes: rants that are not secret related, relationship problems, ect. Just keep your post, as short and to the point as possible. If you have more than 4 secrets in a post, please use an lj-cut.
#003. Image posts are okay. If you need help uploading your image, please refer to this totorial. If you're making a graphic post, please use an lj-cut if it is very large, not safe for work, potentially offensive, or a potential trigger. No self portraits where the intention is to fish for compliments, this is not myspace.
Do NOT post pictures of other people. Not to mock them, not to demonstrate how much prettier you are than them, not for any reason, not even if you censor their faces. This treads dangerously close to cyber-bullying and we are NOT putting up with it. If you just have pictures of other, we will ask you to remove them. If they have been doctored or are put up to mock the person, they are just getting deleted with no warning.
#004. Do not flood the community with posts. You can have multiple secrets per post. One or two posts a day should be fine. Any more than that and your posts will be deleted.
#005. Please leave out specific names/places. If you need to use a name, make up a silly one. For example: "Susan McButterfish was mean today..."
#006. Please do not use this community as a way to advertise. Any advertisements will be deleted and abuse will not be tolerated.
#007. If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

We are here to keep this community running smoothly.
We will not put up with any drama/abuse.
If there is something that has slipped under our radar, please feel free to contact us by sending us a message.

Our mods will occasionally make topic posts.
To see a current list of the posts, please go here.
We will try to make at least two posts per month.
If you would like to see more, please contact us.

This community has two accounts any member is allowed to use to post in this community.

For their passwords, you must email dino_secks with your lj username, and '__postsecret passwords request' in the subject of the email. These measures are being taken because of members deleting other members posts. That is a mod's job, not a member's. Stop doing this!
And because there are, apparently, people who need to be prompted to do so, asking for the passwords with a PLEASE and THANK YOU would be much appreciated... and can change the response you get in return.

We also have a community Photobucket account.
Again, abuse to this account will not be tolerated.
The account can be found here.
The account name is : _postsecret
Password is: secret123

If you would like to help promote this community, find out community banners here.
The newest banners are at the bottom of the page.

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