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In the continuing saga of "Jesus Christ, Ravenwcatz, do you just have sex with ANYONE?"

I may or may not have admitted attraction to one of the recruiters from the theater conference I've been working all week.  The one who was unabashedly flirting with me for days beforehand.  Via a ridiculous note slipped under his hotel room door.
Ravenwcatz, say you, you are facilitating an unmitigated disaster.  Probably.
But he called me back, and asked me to get drinks with him.
And then I... just didn't go home last night.  Because actors will literally sleep with anyone, given the chance.
Ravenwcatz, what the absolute fuck.

...And then he asked me to promise, no matter what happens between now and next year's conference, that I would stay in the hotel with him next year.  I'm too jaded to think that's actually going to happen, but holy fuck how uncomfortably romantic did this just become?

All this, from basically a stranger.
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I am really having a hard time, no doubt because I do not forgive. I am having a hard time finding anyone to talk to about this stuff. For one thing you never know who is really too delicate to hear this stuff.
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And just like that, the burlesque god is gone again.  Continuing on a neverending tour.  He called me to take him to the train station, I think he just likes pretending that he's leaving someone behind.  Having someone to kiss on the platform, so that he's not so alone all the time.

He's not someone that needs my feelings, but I'm going to keep having them anyway. 
damn hot chick

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My burlesque god has returned.  Talking to him is like seeing a side of the community I have no access to.  We go out and he gets recognized by random people like a real celebrity.  He's heroin, all over again. 

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Something weird happened today. Not physical, but all in my mind. The feeling I got reminded of my teenage years. I don't even know why or how it happened. It's like an automatic switch flicked in my head.

I found myself constantly sneaking a look at every opportunity....you know what? I'm so over thinking the whole thing. Point is that I saw a guy and thought to myself, "Damn he's hot" nothing in it really. Except when i felt a little flustered when he walked past..;) and that he's the relief store manager at work, so yeah no biggie. I think my boss is hot

And Then What Happened?

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I have discovered that when you're a parent, it is totally socially acceptable to talk constantly about how you're bribing yourself to get through every day with alcohol, but gods forbid you complain about how one day of your baby whining constantly drives you insane for that day. Somehow, THAT makes you a bad parent, because OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT YOU SHOULD BE ENJOYING EVERY SECOND SHE'S BREATHING EVEN IF EVERY BREATH FUELS ANOTHER SHRIEK.

I fail to see how dealing with your stress by drinking is a better thing than dealing with it by commenting on social media, but fine. Fuck every last one of you, I refuse to curl up in a wine bottle because there are occasional days when my daughter is impossible, but I'll keep my stress to myself.