November 21st, 2006

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We haven't spoken in a week and I don't know why.

I don't want you to go away, next week is going to be the longest week ever. I'll miss you more than I'll tell you.
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i think 99% of the people who post in this community are intellegent in their writings
and supportive in their comments

sometimes i wish we could have a party
and go to the mall together or something.

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sometimes, i feel so alone when i'm actually surrounded by my new friends here...

i just wished that you miss me like i have been missing you.

all i need to hear is one simple phrase of "i miss you" rather than "we have to move on in our lives".

why do you always make things so complicated?
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i finally realized why i can't open up to anyone.

because i was afraid it would lead to you.
and it did. you just don't know it.

i really do love the man i'm with now, and i realize once again that i can't go back to you.

i tried to move on too quickly from you because i was so hurt. i just wanted some one to love me, but how can anyone love someone that won't let them in?

thanks for ignoring me and completely changing who i am.
thanks for letting me open up to you, and completely trusting you.

because now i can't trust anyone other than you, when you were the one i should never have trusted. i was able to get over anyone until you. i told you everything, and you, you told me nothing.

and now you realize what you did because you lost me.
you wish you had me back, and you still have no clue the extent of damage you c caused me.

i'm going to start writing again. i just don't know when. or how, for that matter.

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Sometimes, late in my insomnia driven nights, I do the dishes at some god forsaken hour like three or four in the morning when you're all comatose in your beds. The next day I listen to you both confide in me about how you think the other did them behind your back. You get the dishes done without civil war, I get to feel like the dish ninja. God I love roommates.

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Above all else, I am thankful for my best friend.
He is the one that's taught me what friendship IS. I don't even want to imagine where I'd be without him.

And I don't know why I can never admit that.
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-Those bruises weren't because I fell. I made them myself because I wanted my baby to die.
-I've given birth since then and I wish I could take my baby back.
-I wish I hated myself enough to kill myself when pregnant. Now I can never take my life because I have a child to raise.

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most of my friends are sooo twofaced.
when its just me. they act as if im their best friend.
and when im there and so is someone else, that someone else automatically becomes there bset friend. and i become the loser.

and i especially hate it when that other person is a guy.

hoes over bros.
buds over studs.


ps; i love the font effects :)

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RE: Yay! Im proud of you!

RE: Well, I just have faith that you will make it 3! Keep up the good work!

This was the text Rob sent me when I told him that I made the two month mark with no cutting. I got my wish. Someone is proud of me and I AM worth saving.

I cried when I read what he wrote. He's the only other person I know in real life that said that. Mr.Z was the first. I am beginning to believe I am worth being proud of.


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I love erotica.
Reading porn, rather than seeing it is, to me, more intelligent, and somehow...less dirty? I don't know. I just love what my imagination can do for me. :)
I'm 17. Straight female,in a relationship. Bahaha.
spank me

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Secret 1:

I'm really trying to not be jealous
And I'm trying to show you I'm not jealous
But I am.

Secret 2:

I think I'm falling for you
And I think you're falling for me, too
But I don't think you're
"The One."
(As much as I want you to be...)
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