niceiceedward (niceiceedward) wrote in __postsecret,

If I say, "I love him. He's the best person I've ever met, He's allowed me to see a side of him few others do, and I feel privileged to have seen it, and that person he hides is why I love him, stand by him and consider him my best friend." Everyone thinks it is sweet. If I add, "He doesn't love me back." suddenly it becomes bad. Is his loving me the only qualifier to the love I feel being good??

Can't my love be good all on its own, without reciprocation?

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    Just...I get to the bottom of me and I just find someone who is so mean. Because I had to be mean. But why did it have to be me?

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    I'm standing in a room full of gasoline, but that's not stopping me from playing with matches.

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