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hey guys, i joined PTG, they work with compaies who want to test their stuff with normal customers, so a number of people get sent test products which they usually get to keep. i did the iPod one, and now it's mine! if you click the link below, you can enter your zip code and it will show if the product is being tested where you live!! as of today (dec 6th) they're doing these:

ipod: ipod test group

computer: hp desktop computer test group

digital camera: cannon digital rebel camera test group

laptop: sony vaio laptop test group

game console: play station 2 test group

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We go on at 10pm. Myras party was cancelled so you might as well come to this show. Its also Homesick Abortions last show at the cobalt or the valley for awhile now. We are going to focus on recording and working on new material. Since we will be releasing our new cd on Halloween and going into the studio to record our full length at the end of this year. We will be quite busy. However there are quite a few pending dates for October with The Havoc as well as other super cool bands. So check out our site at www.HomesickAbortions.net.tf that means NO MORE IRRATING FLYERS FROM ME!!! YAY!!!!

Also come out to this show because its ONE WORD SOLUTIONS cd release show. Shit what else are u going to do on 9/11

also if your a drummer or know one in the Los Angeles or South Bay area...check out www.ViolentAffair.net.tf