Sorry I haven't written in a while but Florida was fricken awesssssome! Something funky is going on with my camera but my pictures will be up soon!

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Wow I haven't been active at all, and I am very sorry for that. I have been insanely busy, finally made up high school and horse decisions. Then I was away this past week in Boston for school trips, and then we purchased a new puppy. So life has been hectic, but I took two rolls of film while I was away, and just got pictures back from my birthday so I should be able to upload them tonight to show them all to you! As I said, my sincere apologies for not being very active and I think I broke the links to the banners when I put them in a different folder in my photobucket, I will have the new links for you so you can fix them in just a little while.

Thanks guys,
xoxo Kelsey
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Sorry ladies but I'm gonna be on a hiatus until probably sunday?  I'm leaving early tommorrow morning for Florida!
I'm pretty stoked.  I can't wait.  Hope you ladies all have a great vaca.

Oh and PS. I just got two knew polos in the mail today :-D  One is a long-sleeved bright blue and one is short sleeved bright green.

I can't wait to wear them!!  Well don't worry I'll take plenty of pictures for you gals!
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Banner and Dress

So I just made a banner!  Its my first two and I know they're not that good but I'm pretty proud of myself! :)  I also have a picture I found fo a dress last night on e-bay.  Its like the preppiest dress I've ever seen! Tell me what you think!

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Theme of the Week // Mod.

Okay, since I am a mod for here, I think I should post lol. Umm yea so here's some pictures of my Shore Crew, aka the Short-Bus Allstars (don't ask). I spend my summers in OC (nj) and these are the a few of the kids I hang out with - enjoy!

xo; steph.

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P.S. I previewed the pics and some are big and some are small- but i copied the URL from the photobucket thing so I don't know what's going on - I just wanted to warn you guys!
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