"I've seen you fight- you fight dirty" (sweetxkisses_07) wrote in __popyourcollar,
"I've seen you fight- you fight dirty"

Part 1 : About you;;

Name~ Kayla Ann
Birthday~ September 14-1988
Location~ Racine- wi
Education(high school, college) ~ high school
Hair color~ strawberry blonde
Eye color~ blue

Part 2- Your faves;;

Store/Designer~ umm i love hollister
Color~ pink!
Hobbies/Interests~ Cheerleading, shopping, walks in the rain.
Author~ hmm.. nicholas sparks
Book~ i kno its dorkish but harry potter
Vacation place~ santa clarita. cali

Name 5 of your favorites-

1. Taking Back Sunday
2. Joe
3. Lonestar
4. 50 Cent
5. Ashanti
1. Only u
2. Candy shop
3. I wanna kno
4. Priceless
5. Over
TV shows~
1. Real World
2. My super sweet 16
3. Laguna Beach
4. Oprah :-)
5. E True Holly wood story
1. The Notebook
2. Anchorman
3. A walk to remember
4. Harry Potter
5. Stepmom

Part 3- Your opinions on today’s issues;;

Abortion~ I think if youre goin to make a choice or a desicion in life you need to deal wiht the consequences...so therefore i dont agree with abortion.. but i DO agree with it if its for the childs best interest...for instance.. being raped by a family member.
Presidential Election~ I think the whole things stupid right now... i hate politics.
Teen Drinking~ Honestly..i think the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Granted you still are a teenager but youre officially an adult...kids need to make mistakes and learn from them.
Different Race Relationships~ I dont see the problem. Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time.
Homosexual Relationships~ Same thing.. you cant HELP who you love...youre not supposed to.
Racism~ I hate it. I hate so much. I think its the dumbest thing in the whole world. We ALL have feelings. WE ALL HAVE A BRAIN A HEART... whats skin color suppost to mean.. thats like hating someone because of the color shirt theyre wearing.

Part 4- This or That;;

Britney or Christina? Britney
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Beach or Pool? Beach
Lohan or Duff? Lohan

Part 5- Do you qualify?;;

What is a prep? How are you a prep? ~ A prep is a fashion style.. a way of life...everything i just said. * Pops collar*

What contributions would you make to this community? ~ Id be as active as possible

Part 6- Almost there!;;

Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself here:
in the middle
ignore the ugly boy\

Please promote in 2 communities/journals and post the direct links here:http://www.livejournal.com/community/very_fetch/

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