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Theme of the Week

Okay, I'm just going to write about one of my favorite designers. I have way more then three favorites, but I have one designer who has created amazing clothes in her lifetime and had a huuuge impact on women's fashion. Anywayss, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is my all time favorite designer. She brought us "the little black dress," the cardigan jacket, and was extremely innovative with women's fashion; especially during the war. She made practical clothing and jewlry for women, so they could move about all day. Chanel also began to design pants and tailored suits for women as well. She took away all corsets and the bound dresses that women previously wore, everthing now had a 'boyish' flare to it, yet it was still very feminine. She changed fashion, but she also changed how women looked at themselves too. I think Chanel was an amazing designer who really impacted the way women dressed then and how we dress now.

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