D a n i e l l e (doubledbox) wrote in __popyourcollar,
D a n i e l l e

I Need money SO BAD. ... Lacoste polo, black. size 42. I bought it in NY so im guessing its fake. $20 WITH SHIPPING!!!!!!


$25 w/ shipping size 8R. Very cute!!

AF Casey Lace Mini Size 10. $25 w/ shipping

Ralph Lauren Big Pony size Large $30 w/ shipping

aim= xxroxy08



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    I have two things for sale. First, AF Casey lace mini size 10, will fit a 6 or an 8 (snug). I just looked on ebay and there is 1 casey lace…

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    size 10 but fits an 8 better. $35 my paypal is messed up.....i could do paypal if i have to but concealed cash would be best.

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