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-->Cause we're living in a _material* world... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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[17 Mar 2005|06:35am]
Hey everyone!I've been part of this for a while but never posted,so i'm doing it now. Here are some pics of me.
you're preppy

the art of the `EL-JAY' cut [17 Mar 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


 lol...guys...nordstrom just got these really cute shoes in from lacoste and i want them (too bad im not getting them) but theyre green which is my favorite color...

oh yea- speaking of which..i have my pictures cus i finally nabbed the idea of the whole lj cut ordeal..

spring break for fla is in 1 more day..ugh i cant wait...too bad im babysitting for the first half...but the second half im going to vegas for my grandmas birthday...and then im going again in the summer so that should be fun...ok well ill attach my pictures now lol...


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you're preppy

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