February 22nd, 2005

New member!

Hey I just joined this community, and I'm already lovin' all the
entries by everyone! My name is Kelsey, I turn 14 in like a month. I'm so
incredibly excited. I live in Maryland, I love the hunt country and I
attend a private school. I ride horses, play field hockey, girls lacrosse
and of course love to shop. I love to dance, hang out and have a great
time with my friends. I live for those days where you can let loose and
love life :D. Some of my fave. clothes are polos. I am so obsessed with
them its not even funny. I think I have almost 10 of my own already,
and I'm working on more. Popping collars is great fun, especially when
you can throw a good ol' set of pearls in there, and match with a fun
ribbon belt! I love the summer, and I love Florida. Warm weather is my
thing, it can never get hot enough for me! I love laying out in the sun to
tan and chillin' with my friends by the beach or pool. The fun never
ends :)

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So I thought I'd update and I also realized that I never left any pictures of myself so I guess I'll have to do that now!

Today was pretty boring.  I worked alone all day with a kid named Randy.  It was weird, I won't lie about it.  I came home and I wated Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and My Sweet Sixteen.  Great great shows :)  I'm going shopping tomorrow for some spring clothes!!! :-D I can't wait, I'm so excited!!!  I can't wait for spring...I love it.  Well I'm out here are the pictures...I hope I did the LJ Cut right....

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