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New shirt...freshly POPPED COLLAR [20 Feb 2005|07:17pm]
Hey guys...
i just joined this community ...and im pretty excited to be here!

Im Phylisha, im sixteen and i live in Florida. I was born in New York originally..and my parents bought a house down here when i was like 6...I love dancing, cheerleading, singing, and shopping (of course)....
i want to be an interior designer or a fashion designer after i graduate (and move back to N.Y.) cus God knows how i idolize them all (coach, dolce & gabanna, burberry, adrienne vitadini, and betsey johnson are some of my favorites)!
I was born on July 20...which explains why i LOVE everything about summer...(the beach, flip flops, bathing suits, summer fashion, sunglasses...) and its that time of year when all the boys go topless...so who wouldnt love it?? Describe myself in one word? itd probably depend on what i was wearing lol because my outfit usually determines my mood and vise versa...

ok well thats about it...if you need me im me at x3FoxxyPhyliisha
2 you're preppy

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