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Hey Guys! [17 Feb 2005|10:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys, So I'm new here.  I'm pretty excited to be in this community :-)

My name is Sarah, and I'm sixteen and I live in New York. 
I like dancing, yoga and of course shopping :-).  I'm a BIG
fan of  being in style so I just love buying clothes...especially
shoes and big purses!  I also love huge sunglasses, they're
cute :-).  My favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls, One Tree
Hill, Laguna Beach, Ashlee Simpson Show & Newlyweds.

HeHe, yea I have a lot of them.  I guess you could say I'm
pretty outgoing and I love hanging out with my friends.  They're
awesome.  I think I'm gonna go.  Its getting late and I'm pretty
tired.  Time for bed O:-)  if you want you can IM me at
StarsInPink18  later :-)

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