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Name~My real name is Sarine.. but to make it easier, people call me Serena
Birthday~November 5, 1990
Education(high school, college) ~High School..
Hair color~Brown
Eye color~Light Brown

Part 2- Your faves;;

Store/Designer~Lacoste,Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Hollister
Color~Pink and Lime Green
Hobbies/Interests~Shopping, Basketball (die hard Detroit Pistons fan), hanging out with friends, going out to movies, mall
Vacation place~Bahamas, Acapulco, Mexico, O.C, Cali, Cabo 
Name 5 of your favorites-

3.Britney Spears
4.Sean Paul
5.Jack Johnson
TV shows~
2.One Tree Hill
3.Laguna Beach (can't wait until the season coming up)
4.America's Next Top Model
5.Simple Life
2.Mean Girls
3.Napolean Dynamite
4.White Chicks
5.Monster InLaw

Part 3- Your opinions on today’s issues;;

Abortion~I truely dont agree on abortion. Abortion is taking a life away, its like killing someone. Its not right and it's not okay, I dont care how old the person is. That unborn fetus deserves to live. When someone murders they go to jail for life or they even get the death sentence, what makes it different from abortion, it is killing someone. I HATE the idea of Abortion.
Presidential Election~I did not want Bush to win. I have so many friends that their parents are from Iraq, and their family and friends are dieing. All those innocent soliders, American and Iraq, are being shot, beheaded, held hostage. Its not right. The war was supposed to be ended by now, but its not. There are still fights going on and soldiers are dieing. I know they are serving their country but the war is 'supposedly' over. Also, I am Armenian. A race that has suffered, gone through a genocide in 1915 by the Ottomon Turks. The Turks will not accept the genocide even happened, and Bush promised he would do something about it, and he didnt keep his promise.
Teen Drinking~Teen Drinking is bad when there is drunk driving included. When Teens go to parties its ok for them to have some to drink because they want to have fun and stuff but when they take it over the limit thats when its not acceptable. Drunk Driving is bad, and I have lost 2 friends in the past two years from drunk driving. I would have to say im half/half on this one.
Different Race Relationships~Race shouldn't have to do with anything. When you love someone you love someone, you cant help it. Race shouldnt be a factor in any situation. All men are created equal.
Homosexual Relationships~Alright, I am not a strong supporter of homosexuality because in my 'belief'  I think its not right but I cant deal with it, its their lives and if they love someone they have to go with it. I cant blame them. They can do whatever they please with their lives.
Racism~Racism is wrong. I hate it. How can we help if our skin color is different, if it's black, green, white, pink. We can't help it. God created as we are. Again, All men are created equal.

Part 4- This or That;;

Britney or Christina?Britney
Coke or Pepsi?Pepsi
Beach or Pool?Beach
Lohan or Duff?Duff

Part 5- Do you qualify?;;

In your own words, what is a prep?~In my own words a prep is someone with class and style. You have to have class and you need to know how to dress, shop. A prep is someone who isnt all about what other people think, they go with the flow.

How are you a prep? (do not just respond with : "I wear ribbons in my hair" but really explain HOW, basing it on your above answer.)~I am a polo freak, I love to wear polos, my favorite is Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. *will post pictures of what i have later on* I love to mix and match and LOVe to pop my collarr. Haha. I have class and I just go with the flow. 

What are some stereotypes of preps that you have come across? How do you feel about them/deal with the prep stereotyping that's out there?~Some stereotypes aare that you cant match at all. Um yes you can. Wow have I heard that one alot. That you have to be ALL girly girl and take with a whiny voice. NO! You do have to be a girly type but you dont have to be over the top. You get what im saying?

About how many times a week do you wear polos?~Wow.. I wear them to school ALOT.. and out.. about 3 times.

Do you pop your collar? Show us a picture here of you poppin' it like its hott: OfCoURse i PoP thA cOllA. can i post up this picture later? I promise I will in a day or two. !! Thankss<33

What contributions would you make to this community? ~I will be very active, try to give my ideas and be open minded.

Part 6- Almost there!;;

Please post at least 2 pictures of yourself here:

Just to say I dont wear my glasses alot. I have contacts lol.


dontt askkk lol



eX Oh Ex



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