Rachel (richierichbsr04) wrote in __popyourcollar,


so here's the VERY FIRST THEME POST FOR  __popyourcollar !

this is fifth grade (wow...wasn't i cool) I used to live in Greenwich, CT--but now I'm in Chicago!

I'm on the top left...the girl next to me (giving me bunny ears--aha how mature) was my BEST friend back in the day...and we still talk sometimes, but now she lives in LA

This is my friend Becky (left)...she's my closest friend in Chicago and we're going to Florida together for spring break! (ew i look horrible)

these are a couple of my super-cool guy friends...aha oh teenagers...

this is jessie...yes, i know, i need a new digital camera

this is margalit...not only do i love her name, but i love her too...she's just an inspiring person (ok, i'm fat..going on a diet now)

this is nasya...this year (a little less than two months ago) her sister, who was eighteen, suddenly died of bacterial menengitis. this girl has amazed me beyond words...i'm really not sure what I would do with myself if that ever happened...i can't even begin to imagine. Her sister was amazing--smart, outgoing, popular--and her death was really sudden. Nasya has remained strong and a true friend to everyone, even during a time of enormous pain and ridiculous amounts of heart break. Of course she has her bad days, but i still love her and she's still amazing. We've been through a lot these past two months with that but you can tell, deep down, althought she'll never be the same, she's still a great person.



P.S. my digital camera sucks..if you haven't realized that yet!

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