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Wish Listy...

Ahh I love spring time, and I'm loving all this stuff. ..

As for shirts:

RL pink polo:
RL pink polo

JCrew Sleevless Polo:
Jcrew Sleevless polo

American Eagle Yellow/Orange polo:
AE yellow/orange

American Eagle green/pink/white polo:
AE pink/green/white polo

AE green tank: (I'm in love love love with this tank)
AE green tank

AE barefoot in paradise shirt:
AE green barefoot in paradise

Now to skirts:

Ralph Lauren white tennis skirt:
RL tennis skirt

RL blue mini with flip flops:
RL blue mini

And now dresses:

Lilly Strapless. (Only I like the pink and green flowered pattern you can see on their site www.lillypulitzer.com):
Lilly strapless

Jcrew Pink and white dress:
Jcrew pink/white dress

American Eagle White Dress:
AE white strapless

I loved this hand bag from RL Polo:

RL handbag

Jcrew flamingo on green flip flops:

Jcrew flip flops

Eliza B hot pink and white dot flip flops:
Eliza hot pink flip flops

Eliza B Field hockey flip flops (I play):
Eliza field hockey

White and pink sandals:
White and pink sandals

Abercrombie flower flip-flops:
Abercrombie flip flops

Abercrombie white/pink flip-flops:
Abercrombie flip flops

Eliza B belt:
Eliza belt

Aero cherry belt:
Aero cherry belt

Gotta love the AE glasses:
Ae glasses

Aero bathing suit top:
Aero bathing top

Aero bottom:
Aero bathing bottom

Aero cherry bathing top:
Aero bathing top

annndd the bottom:
Aero bottom

Wow yeah. I don't have all that much lilly stuff on there. I'm ashamed in myself. lol
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