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Hallo! I stumbled across this comm and decided it sounded like fun. I enjoy photography but I really only do it for fun (despite being the official photographer at my bro's wedding, haha). Um, I would have loved to take it in school but I feel like I don't have another artistic bone in my body and I would have been laughed out of all the pre-req classes. Anywhoo that was my story...enjoy.


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if you've been accepted, which is everyone, and you have yet to send in an icon, please do so. all it has to be is a 100x100 [maximum] black and white picture of you, or if you prefer, a photo you took. see info page for examples. email it to xxbl0wpop@aol.com.

now, some pictures.

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It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes

Hello, I'm Crow!

I understand that, due to the fact that I joined immediatley and am within the first ten people... I don't have to fill out an application.

In any case, I come bearing gifts. They also happen to be from Strawberry Fields. I apologize in advance about the quality. That's what happens to pictures that are taken on a disposable camera and then scanned onto the computer. I hope you'll like them anyway. The camera was also in my pocket when I got hit by a car, but I don't think that made much of a difference. None of them are edited.

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I hope you'll like me!
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