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ALL we are saying, is just give peace a chance.

I come

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Photoshopped only one and I bet you can guess which one. *excluding adding the borders*

02.Image hosted by

03.Image hosted by

04.Image hosted by

05.Image hosted by

06.Image hosted by

07.Image hosted by

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09.Image hosted by

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My favorite is the lilac, I really glad the quality was so good. And the teaser one, the lighting worked well for me, because I was afraid my ugly side of the house would get in the way.


    What the hell happened here? I think that someone needs to get this community up and running again...

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    I realized that I've never posted anything in here before and I just messed with this picture of myself on PSP and thought I'd share it.

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    I really want to get this community up and running again, so I'll start. Just one picture. Candles at the St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. :)

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