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__poisonous's Journal

A Terence Corrigan community
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This is a community dedicated to the young Irish actor Terence Corrigan. He is best known for his role as Midshipman Wellard in TV's Hornblower. Recent work includes a short film called 'Freud' with Roger Lloyd Pack; please go to www.freudthefilm.co.uk for more details.
If you are a Terence Corrigan fan, feel free to join this community and post away. Only a few conditions:
1. Please keep posts on topic - as long as it mentions Terence in some way, it's kosher.
2. Make an introduction post if you wish, but it's neither necessary nor compulsory.
3. No spamming, abusing or bitching. If you haven't got anything nice to say...don't.
4. You can promote other related communities or websites. No vanity community pimping, please.
5. Have fun! And if you have any graphics, icons or layouts to contribute for the community, contact elegia

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