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Good news

Courtesy of matchka (owner of the Cerdonic site), it appears that Terence will have a lead role in a play by Billy Cowan this April at the Birmingham Rep. It sounds funny and rather interesting. Here are details from the website:

Smilin´ Through

Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company and Contact, Manchester in
association with Queer Up North present
Smilin´ Through
By Billy Cowan

Fri 15 Apr 2005 - Sat 30 Apr 2005
Director Natalie Wilson
Designer Emma Donovan
Lighting Designer Emma Chapman
Sound Designer Dan Steel
Musical Director Jeff Borrowdale

Drunk, delirious and a dragon, Peggy the devout Protestant runs her
Belfast home with an iron feather duster.

Keeping her meek husband Willy under the thumb she constantly fights
for the status quo, fearing any change no matter how small.

Determined to be who he wants to be, Kyle her son decides it´s time for
an uprising. But in Peggy´s working class household there can be no
room for a gay boy. And there´s no way that a boyfriend will get his feet
under the table - especially if he´s Catholic!

Caught between the love for her son and her strong beliefs, Peggy
escapes to the musical MGM era of the 1930s. Pretending she is the glamorous
Jeanette MacDonald, the fantastical Nelson Eddy, a vision on horseback,
soothes her worries away with a song and woos her with the Indian love

With battle lines and beliefs so aggressively held, will Peggy ever be
able to reach a peace agreement or is partition inevitable? Will there
be a happy ending?

Smilin´ Through is a rude, raucous, fast and biting comedy on the
troubles of Northern Ireland and within families, with an added touch of
glamour from the glorious Technicolor years.

Smilin´ Through won the Contact Theatre´s Queer Flip-The-Script
playwriting slam in May 2003.

We recommend age 15+
This production contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Terence Corrigan
Gillian Hanna
Allison Harding
Sean Kearns
Walter McMonagle
Marty Rea

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Dead Man's Eleven!

Anyone watched it yesterday? I watched it twice, first on the 9pm slot, then on 12am slot! All because I want to see Terrence... *grins*

The movie is cool, I thought Charles was the killer at first (got a motive) but no, he was a blackmailer (a cute one). And he died in the end *cries*.

He is such a cutie...

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Welcome to the Terence Corrigan community. Join and tell all your friends, and theirs!
Well anyway, let us celebrate the talent and beauty of this poisonous young reptile and pray for Freud to be released worldwide...stranger things have happened.
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