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working title: IronicallyDismal

IronicallyDismal -- Outline



[theme song: "Searching for a Former Clarity" by Against Me!>>]


No the doctors didn't tell you,
that you were dying.
They just collected their money,
And sent you on your way.
But you knew all along,
went on pretending nothing was wrong,
you said I will keep my focus, till the end.
And in the journal you kept,
by the side of your bed.
You wrote nightly in aspiration,
of developing as an author.
Confessing childhood secrets,
of dressing up in women's clothes,
Compulsions you never knew the reasons to,
Well everyone, you ever meet or love,
be just relationship based on a false presumption,
despite everyone, you ever meet or love,
in the end, will you be all alone?
As the disease spreads slowly through your body,
pumped by your heart to the tips of your arms and your legs,
your greatest fear was that your mind wouldn't last,
your coherency and alertness would be the first things to fade,
as your hair thinned, as the weight fell off, as your teeth blackened,
as the lesions spotted your skin,
as you fell to your knees in the center of the stage,
as you offered witness to mortality in exchange for the ticket price,
as the lights blended into the continuing noise,
as all hope was finally lost.
Adrenaline carried one last thought to fruition.
Let this be the end.
Let this be the last song.
Let this be the end.
Let all be forgiven.


premise: "let's write our next novel about some dying idealist (literally, who has cancer) who gets sick of all that bullsit, so he buys his own tv station to broadcast his own news. He's living off of his parents' insurance, they both died 2 days apart 5 years ago or something. so he's like martyring himself to provide america with the knowledge that its being brainwashed. of course there would be some interest -- a girl (no boy this time)"


ethan: a 36 yr old journalist who is dying of cancer and decides to illuminated the ignorant of america by broadcasting THE TRUTH on his own television station.

Ethan is strong and apathetic on the outside, scared shitless with many reserved feelings on the inside

~has difficulty expressing himself and what he is feeling about the disease that is killing him

~he's very like enthusiastic about what he's doing, it excites him, it's probably the only thing keeping him alive, but he doesn't want to share

~enjoyed being a journalist while he could and resenting having to give it up


~is very possessive in nature

~he's very smart. like, honors program as MSU smart. lol




first person, present tense


Chapter One: in the hospital, ethan listening (cursing&spitting) to another completely useless broadcast of the news; he has just had a relapse of his cancer>>background info about his illness, etc. appears in this chapter>>doctors tell him he has only 9 months left ["the dr says he has 9 months. and then it falshes to ch 2 and that's like 3 months later. he's FINALLY better again, enough to get out of the hopsital."] so he's like "fuck thearpy groups. i don't need to go cry on someone's shoulder about this. fuck it. this is what i'm gonna do with my nine months"


Chapter Two: skips ahead 3 months; this is ethan planning and getting his shit together for the tv station. uses his life savings and the insurance money from his parents' death (but the source of his money is unknown in this chapter; everything is vague and he just buys the tv station. parents' death is known at this point as well). talk about his former journalism career and ow much he hated giving it up. searches governmental websites for ideas for what to broadcast; like him just being so sick and tired of seeing like "MRS STEVENS' DOG WAS THEN FOUND BEHIND THE BIG OAK TREE....", and "THE SEVEN ELEVEN ROBBERIES ARE SUSPECTED TO BE GANG INITIATIONS......", "THE DEAD MAN WAS CARRYING CONDOMS AND WHIPPED CREAM. WHERE HE WAS HEADING IS NOT KNOWN..." {>>ali, those headlines are going into the novel verbatim. lol. <3} chapter 2 defines his goal in having his own TV station: to educate American society with what really matters, and he does this out of his newfound insight about life gained from the fact that he is dying


Chapter Three: hiring + background on his possesive personality. only hires like 6 ppl to work with him.


{more to be outlined later}




other things of importance:

~Ethan remains a mystery to everyone he works with; no one knows about his cancer, they just think he is always tired and run down because of the insane amounts of work that he takes on; he never turns down a story that he feels is important (like a true journalist)

~through all of this crazy research, he uncovers some huge scandal (to be determined later?)

~ppl, after initially resisting his form of media, start to rly like it; and they protest to other stations, boycott them, demand that these other stations (ABC, NBC, FOX, etc) stop brainwashing America and the other stations are like "WTF?!?! let's get this guy"

~then they start investigating him, turning him into the martyr because he is dying, which is exactly what he didnt want (which is the reason that he didnt tell his co-workers that he was dying)>>he is exposed that the martyr even though he didnt want to be, and when he dies the world remembers him as this great influence and the American public is thus still brainwashed by the media's spin on his death

~ends with like tom brokaw or whoever on some tv station reading his obituary and being like "he was truly a special individual, and he will be missed" and like fake-mourning his death for the sake of ratings even though they hated him.

~Ethan's biggest enemy is a mesh of all the major news anchors

~the big new is the one who tried to ruin him; they hate each other; and then when ethan dies, its like this big news anchor is then delivering this poignant speech about how great & important ethan was, and how they were friend etc (ridiculously hypocritical) but of course he does it for the ratings and no one knows the difference


~so the whole thing is like to educate ppl and lasso him working out his feelings of dying, of his own mortality, and he finally is ok with the idea (I guess towards the end) of him being peaceful and happy with his life, with his accomplishments, etc. he channels his emotions about dying into productivity because he doesn't want to deal with dying\



~like in CO&UC, i want to write in some ppl that we know.  well, ppl that i know, because you havent met them>>like Dan the Cripple, and Alex the Drunkard. LOL. yeah.


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