doe__eyes (doe__eyes) wrote in __point9pi,

im not bitter

seeing as it is already september 6th, we are running late.  late, ali, late. hah.

i had a wonderful weekend that needs to be translated into part of a novel, because that's how amazing it was -- forget canada, im talking about getting stopped at the border crossing back into the united states by a bitch of a woman.  two azn chicks and two white boys.  priceless.  my favorite questions that were asked of me include, "so you went on a trip to a foreign country with people that you've known for a week and a half? you do know that canada is a foreign country -- its not ohio or illinois." "who in the car smokes pot?" <<to this one, valentine wanted to answer "your mom" but luckily decided against it. otherwise we probably would have been held there overnight. which would have been loads of fun. other close calls include, but are not limited to the fact that alex had his older brother's id in his wallet (which was searched by the bitchy woman) which is a felony, and that we had a rather large water bottle of rum in the back seat of the car, which was searched.  my duffle bag was also searched. fuckers.

so anyway, this needs to be incorporated in a story somewhere.  if you have any ideas for the rest of the story and/or some kind of plot, that would be cool, because i cant get over the incident itself. lol.

how was your labor day weekend?

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