Emma to the Lee (emmadapoet) wrote in __poetryxwhore,
Emma to the Lee


The rules say: No Promoting in the community, but I'm mod and so I will let you if you ask me. This is my new community. Please only apply if you are going to be somewhat active.


Also in less then a week I am removing all members. If you want to remain a member...please rejoin then!

Also anyone want to be a co-mod here? I've been real busy with my new community, and while I still love this one it's hard.


  • MOD//

    Their Auto Accepting. Also remember if you want to join and apply to my community you are welcome serene_petals

  • MOD//

    Sorry I got a little busy. The Member cut will occur now. If you want to remain a member please just rejoin.

  • Members//

    Okay guys here is the deal. We have like a bagillion members that never post. I will be doing a members cut in a week. Just rejoin the community…

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