handsunclean (handsunclean) wrote in __poetryxwhore,

Waiting room...

Waiting Room
Chelsea DiLeo

The smell of sterility attacks me at the door
Rotating heads, body, and feet
Mismatched, misplaced to look like me
My eyes see stomachs in and out
Too young to play, too old to wait
Little toddler toys big and bulky
Adults biting fingers, shaking legs
I move back and forth on the floor
My aching head cradled between my knees
Looking up when the timid nurse squeaks
Name after name yet to be mine
Finally the nurse speaks “Chelseeah Dee Leeo”
I am greeted by a giant with a stethoscope

Let me know what you thing guyes... it's kind of vague if you have never been to the particular waiting room I was at... but ya know... I love it.

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