.·:*¨¨*:·.BeccA.·:*¨¨*:·. (imboredgoaway) wrote in __piinkxtease,

1x name X Rebecca
2x age X 13
3x sex X female
4x birthday X May 15, 1991
5x single/taken X single

xX favorites Xx
6x band/artist X breaking benjamin and silent scream
7x hobbies X playing drums
8x color X brown
9x actress X angelina jolie
10x actor X johnny depp
11x movie X from dist til dawn
12x store X pac sun
13x song X so cold- breaking benjamin, kiss me deadly- silent scream

14x describe your personality X i am crazy, annoying at times, funny, happy, spunky, goofy, and zainy
15x whats your biggest flaw X i pick at my face too much
16x whats your favorite thing about your self X my eyes
17x what you go for in the oposite sex X funniness, same intrests
18x what do you think about drinking X i havent drank yet but i dont really care unless your like a bad alchoholic and you like drink and drive and get in a car accident and kill people... lol
19x smoking X i dont like smoking. i think its bad and stupid and it just ruins your life
20x partying X i can go for partying. its fuuuuuuun! lol

21x why do you want to join __piinkXtease X seems like fun
22x promote us in 2 places((put the urls down)) X
23x what do you think about __piinkXtease X i have no clue... it looks really fun
24x include three pictures of your self ((one showing your whole face)) X
im the girl
im the one with the darker hair
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