from under the rubble

pieces of us emerge

fitting the pieces together
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Welcome! This community is now under new management! We (dividedminds) have decided to leave livejournal after all these years. We have left this, as well as it's 2 sister communities (fragmentedminds, and squirtsnsprites) to trusted members on livejournal, so they will stay afloat. Thanks for all the support, you know who you are :)

The BEST way to contact the new moderator is via the e-mail listed on this page

I've changed the below info to match the new moderator/mainainter's, but it may change in the future, so keep an eye out. Thanks everyone, take well care of yourselves.

If you request to join the community and you have an empty journal, and dreams_unslept (owner) does not know you, or anything about you, and has no way of contacting you (via commenting in your journal or through IM or email) then your membership request will be denied. This is for the safety of all the members in the community. - if there's no contact info listed anywhere in your journal or userinfo, feel free to [Unknown LJ tag] know how to get ahold of you, or tell them a bit about yourselves and why you'd like to join the community, etc. in their journal. Otherwise, I'm sorry but you're request to join will not be accepted.

__piecesofus is a community for multiples and the piecing together of their pasts to their presents and futures.

This is a safe environment for discussion of memories, events that could be considered "triggering", trauma, flashbacks and dissociation.

It is members only, and you must be added by the owner of the community (dreams_unslept) in order to be part of the community. You can do this by commenting in their journal, or requesting to join off of this info page at the top where it says "click to join". you will br physically added you after you request membership. an email will be sent to you from livejournal inviting you to join the community. just follow the instructions in the email and you're done, or simply click "join this community" to request admission.

A dry tongue
Screams at the sky;
But the wind just breathes words in
As a strange bird tries to fly
Pieces of us die everyday
As though our flesh were hell
Such injustice as children


rules of conduct:
This community is for the support of young or any persons/individuals/etc. within a multiple system/group/collective who may hold memories of traumatic events/abuse who need to talk about it. A safe environment is being provided here, in hopes that those who don't feel they can or should post in any of our sister communities (fragmentedminds, and/or squirtsnsprites) can feel free and okay to post here. Sometimes there is a need for seperation and categorization.

1 - We all are hurting. We all will remember that others are hurting, and will be compassionate towards them.

2 - When we post we will post everything behind a livejournal cut (lj-cut instructions here), and in the title of the post and/or cut tag we will write a very brief description of what we are posting about.

Graphic discussion of physical abuse
[lj-cut text="graphic discussion of physical abuse"] here is where all the content is written about the physical abuse and it's graphic nature that I want to discuss/write[/lj-cut]

3 - We will not antagonize, "flame" or otherwise badger any other members of the community. Ever.

4 - If someone who is a member or non-member antagonizes, "flames" or otherwise badgers you you will bring it to the community's owner, dreams_unslept.

5 - You will visit the community knowing you are going to be reading and viewing things that may cause negative reactions within you. You will take whatever necessary steps (grounding, making sure you are in a safe place, having someone else inside or outside with you to keep you 'here' and ok, etc.) you need to, to ensure your safety while viewing the community posts.

6 - You realize that no "splatting" or "spoiling" (example: "ab*se" instead of "abuse") is necessary unless it is something that personally helps you feel better.

7 - You are responsible for your own safety and for managing your own triggers should they arise from reading the community.

Now that that is over with; I hope you will find __piecesofus, should you choose to join, a supportive, safe, and friendly place to talk about the things you need to.

All members of any collective are welcome to post and comment here. __piecesofus is not exclusive to any group or category of multiples or dissociatives; anyone who has something they need to talk about (be it flashbacks, memories, situations, rage or venting) is more than welcome to post.