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Cleaned up the member list.
If your journal was deleted by accident, please e-mail me.
If you had deleted your journal, and re-activated it, please email so that i can add you back.


Walking Dreams

My Appologies

My Net connection has been on the fritz for nearly 2 months.
All who have asked to join Have been admitted.

If there is trouble, I will be quick to deal with it.

If there are any problems, questions or complaints feel free to send them to shaado@shaadodreams.com [my personal email]

Thank you all for your patience, and I appologize once again


leaving communities

due to having too many problems using live journal because of the layout and how it works, it is hard for me to use, and i wrote to live journal user support about it and they said there is no way to change it, so i am going to leave all the communities i belong to. i am keeping only individuals on my friends list. i am not deleting the account, yet. feel free to add me to your friend's list if you want to. and don't bother replying to this message, i won't see it.

i've cross posted this to everywhere i belong to.

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hello and why am i still awake

hey my name is claudia, apparently while we are being added to the children's group we got added to this one too. which is cool but we didn't actually intend to be in this one. but here we are. our system name is Distraida and we are supposed to be in bed.

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snow lynx

(no subject)

Is anyone(s) else here a multiple whose partner is also a multiple?

I/we am/have been in a relationship with another multiple for the past year and finding that although in many ways it seems like an appropriate relationship, it presents a whole host of problems (no pun intended).

I and some of my others certainly love him/them. But it is increasingly difficult to negotiate relationship issues. Kind of like whitewater rafting, only a lot hairier.

If there's any interest in discussing this sort of thing, I'd love to post more. Or, if anyone has any ideas of forums/groups on livejournal or otherwise that it would be helpful for me/us to contact. We're starting couples therapy, but need all the help we can get, I'm afraid.

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in need of help, relating to memories

(posted to __piecesofus and fragmentedminds)

hi, this is really long, i'm sorry... but i needed to get some of this out. half of it is pretty much to myself, but i also have questions in there for anyone here who can answer... i tried bolding what i really need answers to, the rest is alot of venting on my part. sorry if it's a little inconsistent, there was alot of switching while writing the letter.

not really sure if there's anything triggering? no SA details, just anger & pain relating to.Collapse )

we broke our foot...

and it relly relly herts. :( an we cant be on the puter for long becus it makes the foot hert worse and worse. an nobody is caling us so weer lonly and bored. and sad. and bored too also. and we cant go to class or anything but apointments for 2 weeks. uky. uky like trout for dinner. no. worse than trout for dinner becus that can go away. this just herts. and is boring too also. ukyukyuky.

(no subject)

Pretty sure everyone in this comm. is a part of fragmentedminds as well. If not, know this now: we, the owners/moderators of __piecesofus will be absent for the rest of this week until Monday, and then back that week and then gone starting on the 3rd of October until roughly the 10th of October. There is no co-moderating team here, so if you have questions, concerns, problems of any kind please feel free to email us (jovianevers@ dividedminds. com), but know we won't get back to you either until next week or the 2nd week of October depending when your mail arrives.

Stay well, continue to post and use this safe haven to your advantage when you want or need to.

Take well care,
-your moderating team (Braeden & Chriss)
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