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__photography_'s Journal

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This community is Friends Only


If you don't make an entry friends only it will be deleted

01. When posting more than one picture, or just a relativly big picture please use an LJ cut.

02. Particpation is a must. Please don't join and then never look at this place again. Post pictures, post comments, just make sure you particpate.

03. Be respectful of others. Anyone who is abusive to other lj users will be banned from this community.

04. Promoting other communities is okay, as long as it somehow relates to this community. Posts for rating communities and such will be deleted. If you do it again, I will ban you.

05. Posting pictures you make in photoshop etc. is definitely allowed.

06. If you're going to make a post saying "Hi, I'm new and I want more friends so add me." or something like that, I'll delete it because those are really annoying and take up space on my friends page.

07. If you don't know how to add images to your entrys click here to find out.

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thanks to xmercury_rising for making a great community
manged by poolchick