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Moonlight Revival

.:Moonlight Revival:. A Phantasmagoria Community
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All Members , Moderated
:*:・。☆゚:Moonlight Revival:゚'☆。・:*:
A Phantasmagoria Community

Ba - KISAKI Gu - JUN Vo - 戮 (RIKU) Gu - 伊織 (IORI) Dr - 纏 (MATOI)


o1. All post must be about or directly related to the band or it's members.
-Please no talking of inappropriate things such as sexual fantasies,etc. This includes posting yaoi fanfics/fanarts.
-We don't know what you want to do with the band, we don't want to know.
-After a first offense you will be banned.

o2. Do NOT advertise for RP communities or fanfic communities.
-you can advertise (but please, not excessively) upload communities where you've uploaded works from the band
-you can advertise Communities/fanlistings you've made for specific band members. I will put a link in the userinfo after that, so you don't need to do it more than once (^^;.
-you can advertise sales posts.

o3. You are allowed to post graphics and fanarts related to the band.
-On graphics, if you are linking to an outside source please have your "teaser" icons as only members of the band. If not, your post will not be allowed and you will be asked to redo it.

o4. Do NOT make requests for media in the community, such as discographies, specific songs, dvds, audio rips or PVs. (please see jrock_uploads or red_aki for requesting) Pictures, however are allowed. (but for specific requests from magazines please see jrock_scans)

o5. Be kind to other members and they will be kind to you. Or else fiery judgement shall be reigned upon their souls D:<! *cough* I mean, no flaming! Any flamers will receive a warning, if they continue they shall be banned!



*Support the Artists*

CD Japan

Communities we probably haven't officially affiliated with, but you should check out!
if you'd like to affiliate please e-mail Shintomo @ schwarz[dot]stein[at]gmail[dot]com or contact me in my Friends Only post in my LJ.
-under_code - For all the bands of UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS :D
-ucp_graphics - For graphics for all the bands of UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS
-junbi_ouji - Kisaki community
-visuthread - News on the music scene, not just related to UNDER CODE.
-___cure_ - Community for CURE magazine. Not just UNDER CODE related.
-jrock_translate - Translating community that translates blogs, etc. Not just UNDER CODE related.

*Layout credits*

-All graphics and coding done by addere from speed_martini.
-For her resources please visit there. If you like what you see she has many more graphics there also.