uchiha_shiori (uchiha_shiori) wrote in __phantasma__,

New prices!!!

Hi Phantasmagoria fans,
I'm selling these itens with new prices:
-Vain CD+DVD 10€
-Kyousoukyoku~cruel crucible~ CD+DVD 10€
-Kyousoukyoku~variant jihad~ CD+DVD 10€
-Gensoukyoku~eternal silence~ CD+DVD 10€
-Subjectibe or ideal CD+DVD 10€
-spendol of sanctuary CD 10€
-Under the veil CD 10€
-making of mikansei to guilt 10€
-making of kyousoukyoku~variant jihad~ 10€
-making of gensoukyoku~eternal silence~ 10€
-signs of fragment CD+DVD 10€
-Phantasmagoria + Vidoll 2006.3.22 Osaka big cat DVD 15€
-Mikansei to Guilt CD+DVD 10€
-2005,10.21&22 USA Houston, Texas Park Plaza Hotel DVD 20€
-bloody clown - figure 4leg rock CD 10€
-Never Rebillion~Fool's mate edition~ CD 15€
-UNDER CODE BIBLE DVD+BOOK -The price is negociable
-Survivor's Guilt 2005,10.22&22 USA Houston Texas DVD 20€
-Requiem Floral Edition CD+DVD 10€
-Reincarnation DVD 15€
-Requiem Funeral edition CD+DVD 10€
-Black veil before Christmas DVD 20€
-Cure Phantasmagoria DVD 15€
-Kami uta CD+DVD 10€
-Crystal finale 2007.8.27 Tokyo Shibuya ax 2DVD'S 20€
-Geneizou I 15€
-Geneizou II 15€
-Geneizou III 15€
-Geneizou IV 15€
-Geneizou V 15€
-Territory of divine 2006.3.27 shibuya ax DVD 20€
-Never Rebillion CD+DVD 10€
-at the ends of the rest period DVD 20€
-Creatures in imagination DVD 20€
-Eclipse of myth~Kisaki last stage DVD 20€
-Synthesis songs CD 10€
-Moonlight revival CD 10€
-Material pain CD 10€
-Jun attic - atomic smile 10€
-2007.1.27 at club citta DVD 15€
-High style paradox~3rd anniversary~ box 50€
-Kisaki parfum+DVD 15€
-Riku parfum+DVD 15€
-Iori parfum+DVD 15€
-Matoi parfum+DVD 15€
-Jun parfum+DVD 15€

thank you!!!

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