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07 July 2011 @ 02:01 pm
selling some CDs  

Hey everyone!

I have the following CDs for sale~


REQUIEM ~Floral Edition~
Splendor of Sanctuary (CD booklet signed by all members)


KISAKI PROJECT/砂時計~Never ending memories~
KISAKI PROJECT/fragments voice

They don't have any prices, so if you're interested leave me a reasonable offer to consider. :3

All offers must be in £ GBP! I will only accept payments via Paypal!

I ship from the UK.


REQUIEM ~Floral Edition~


Splendor of Sanctuary

note: The CD booklet is signed by all members. I tried my best to get visible photos, but forgot to rotate one of the images so one of them is upside down. Oh well.



KISAKI PROJECT/砂時計~Never ending memories~ (CD ONLY)

01: 砂に還る鳥達 (suna ni kaeru toritachi)
02: SILENT~虹の軌跡~ (SILENT~niji no kiseki~)

KISAKI PROJECT/fragments voice (CD ONLY... like, literally)

note: If this was ever meant to have a more interesting CD case... forgive me. This one never has.

01: fragments voice