April 22nd, 2007

i'm new!

hi ya'll!
i'm new to this whole livejournal thing...i'm really into this whole gaining support for ED...
hieght: 5'8"
HW: 158 (ew.)

yeah.i have like 24 lbs to go...but ill go lower hopefully once i get to 111. i dont wana set too high of a goal here.
my main problem is that i don't eat all day then i get home, eat dinner, then binge...i occaisionally purge(ive been bulimic for like over 2yrs...bad bad habit)...help me pleasee...i dunno what to do when that happens...i, somehow, convice myself that i'm going to be fine if i eat like a fat ass.   apparently not because im not losing like i wana...please guys.i need support to get over these late night binges.
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