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__people's Journal

Humans Unite
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All Members , Moderated
-Because We're People -

This is an open community for basically everyone among us. If you are a human, or at least resemble one than we don't discriminate. Please join us.

Basically, do anything on this journal that you would do as if no one was looking.

As of right now, this community has no rules, so you better behave yourselves.

Have fun.
4:20, adolescents, adults, alcoholics, american telvison, apartments, articulate people, artists, athletes, bands, bathroom attendants, big business, boyfriends, boys, brainwashing, brothers, bums, burning man, bus drivers, business people, cab drivers, camera man, car salesmans, cashiers, circus freaks, clerks, co-workers, coffee houses, college students, comedians, conversations, cooks, corporate fucks, criminals, cultures, customers, democrats, diners, drinkers, drug addicts, eavesdropping, everyday people, family, famous people, fashion, fiction, foreigners, freaks, friends, funny people, gamers, gangsters, geeks, girlfriends, girls, graffiti artists, grandmas, grandpas, greasers, guests, hikers, hippies, home, homeless people, homosexuals, hookers, hotel workers, independents, indie kids, intelligent people, internet users, inventors, jocks, kids, liars, liberals, lobbyists, mafias, mainstream, models, movie stars, music, my house, mystery, natural beauty, nature, nerds, odd people, ordinary people, outlaws, parties, pedestrians, people, people watching, photographers, photography, pictures of people, poets, police officers, politics, pop, porn stars, pot, pot heads, pranksters, preps, protesters, psychics, races, reality stars, republicans, roadtrippers, roomates, scenesters, scientists, security, senior citizens, sisters, skaters, sluts, smokers, society, sociology, stereotypes, stoners, straight edgers, strangers, street artists, street people, street vendors, students, stupid fucks, subcultures, taggers, taxi drivers, teachers, teenagers, teens, terrorists, tourists, traffic, travelers, ugly people, waiters, watching people, weird people, wife beaters, women, writers