Kaede's Arrival

Some, I felt that I am under-utilising this shared Doll Journal but then again, I am always just too very lazy to update and post doll photos or come up with any interesting photo stories.  Therefore I go for pics spam, whooppps.... Or arrival pics which is why I am here now....

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East of Eden

I haven been doing much with the doll dwellers at home recently though I did bring along the latest 2 additions to greet their Fairy Godmother (read: ameliat ) who have yet to see them.  My detractors will be happy to know that I haven been adding much to my doll collection these days actually. 

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A new addition

to my family... After a heavy battle with International AE (2.5 hrs in total!), ringo_031 managed to get him into her cart! We paid for him almost immediately... 12 days of wait.. he arrived at ringo's doorstep. (including custom tax and all)

My darling Okita Souji! I am a huge fan of Shinsengumi Okita Souji. It din take long for me to decide that.. I really wanted him. (love at first sight...... why do I like sad looking dolls?) I tried with the help of a dealer with Korean Dolpa lottery.. Wasnt that lucky enough. T_T in fact for AE.. I only seen him 3 times in stock! and my damn internet is not fast enough! Please volks.. do not come out with any more historical characters!! T_T *hint... like some famous onmyouji from the Heian period i would have to rob a bank for that.. T_T*

Rushed to Ringo's house after work.. I couldn't even conc on work for the whole day!

Box of DOOM!!!
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Doll Chalet Photos

And so....   Photos from the Doll Chalet over the Good Friday weekend!

The dolls outnumber the human population at the chalet once again....  24 resin dolls vs 11 human ones, great, they win again.  Dolls in attendance are.... 

My Ayame, Suzu and Sakuya,
jia_er 's Momiji, Tetsu, Hotaru
rockahippo 's Mochi, You
piyo_d 's Yoghurt, Yuuki, Yzak
puddingneko 's Shino, Wish, Kai, Yukiya
mori_m 's Shaiya, Bianca, Maiya, Naiya
sakachan 's Niji and angelan_skyhigh 's Shia
ringo_031 's Fable
valeforho 's  El and Cara (we still never get to know the names =x )

Hope I didnt miss out anyone! 

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Thanks to all once again for coming by the chalet!  Hope you all had fun!