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Evening was a melancholy time. The end of the day, another moment of life gone by in the blink of an eye. A time of retrospection, of reflecting on what could have been done...

If was Hissori Ran's favorite time of day.

She sat on a dimming bench by the park, frowning over her homework as the scribbled words began to fade into the darkness of twilight. She would have to move soon, she realized with reluctance (and, of course, her trademark mild annoyance). The streetlights were just beginning to blink on nearby, and she stirred, beginning to gather her work into a pile.
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Detective games.

Ariake was on a mission. A super important and uber cool mission that everyone wish they had, yeah, you know you want to be her and have her mission because it's just that great and so fun and--

Uh, that is, her mission was integral in the fight against...um, who were they fighting against? Were they aliens or mole people? No matter. Ariake was prepared. She had a magnifying glass tucked into her pocket and a couple of feather dusters in her hands. That's what they used to find everyone's fingers. And then they got money! And statues! Even better. She'd get to the bottom of these enemies, she would, just like she promised the girl-ladywhoreallyneedstolightenupbutAriakedidn'tsayitsodon'thurther. Ariake wouldn't let her down, nope!

If only she knew who she was looking for.

A tiny detail that didn't matter to the girl. She'd find them soon enough! Ariake even went to the bigger-kids school to find them! They'd be there, right?


((HAHA, FIRST RP POST. In your faces? >.>))
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The story thus far.

It all started with a strange energy signal on Mercury that no one could explain. It was the energy of a sailor senshi, but not one that had fought alongside Sailor Moon for thousands of years. The last unfamiliar senshi, one Sailor Galaxia, had been anything but an ally and as such the empire's senshi flew into a panic. Their girls, the Neo Senshi, had not even completed training, and their numbers had diminished some since the last battle. Hotaru could barely walk, let alone go into battle as Sailor Saturn, and Saturn no masurao had been dead for several years as the result of an assassination attempt. Pluto no masurao remained M.I.A. Tenjiro and Enkai remained alive, although they tended to keep themselves separate.

So the girls-- Yomi, Hikaru, Fuu, and Sachiko-- began to step up their training. The Inner senshi hadn't a prayer to survive in battle due to their age, inexperience, and weaker powers (if the Inners were needed, the elder senshi would take the power back for the battle). Hikaru and Yomi, however, had no one to teach them. Hikaru made the acquaintance of a youma who called himself Hades, and strangely enough the creature seemed intent on teaching her, which she accepted with few questions. Yomi went in search of her father and finally found him working in a rundown theater, a shadow of his former self. She continued to train without his help, but is trying to rebuild her relationship with him.

In the meantime, the mystery senshi, one Sailor Sol, was busy as well. With the starseed of a senshi (harvested by her mother), she bent a few rules and turned her close friend Shiro into Sailor Stella, her right-hand man... woman... whatever. She persuaded and forced other senshi to her side, Sailor Aurora and Sailor Nebula, respectively. Whether or not they agreed with Sol's desire for reform was unclear, but Sol didn't seem to care, continuing her search for the last senshi prospect, Polaris. What is clear, though, is that Sailor Sol wishes to settle an age-old conflict between herself and Sailor Moon, but she has to get through the Outer senshi first. Sailor Saturn was the only one who has, to this date, faced Sailor Sol in battle.

Sailor Sol planned her attack to be quieter than the typical doomsday battle by taking control of the planetary nodes, the center of power from which a senshi draws her magic. If she can gain control, the senshi will more or less be hers to do with as she pleases and Sailor Moon's power suffers as a direct result. Much of Sailor Moon's power comes from her allies, similar to how the moon reflects light from the sun in order to shine. In a struggle over Saturn's node, Hikaru discovered her father was alive and well, Sailor Sol having weakened him to the point of removing his disguise. It is doubtful Sol knows Anrui is alive. Anrui revealed to his daughter that for years he remained close to her under the guise of a palace guard, Soenno Hiken. He was also Hades.

Recently the search for the next generation of masurao has begun. One is Tenjitsu Saihyou, a Tenousei-jin boy who has been chosen for Sachiko by her mother. The other is Kouryuu Okugi, a Suisei-jin of questionable background and morals who quickly became Hikaru's friend despite all odds. Likely, Fuu is next, and as for Yomi... who knows?

Under the direction of her mother, the former Sailor Sol, who was too weakened to continue with her senshi abilities, Kaibyakuno Irihi works quietly with Shiro, attempting to keep him out of her mother's eyes -- for Mokushi would never approve of the potential "distraction" he would present to her daughter. Mokushi instead knows Shiro as Miri, a girl who runs personnel operations, while Irihi strains over tactical manuvers. Ariake, Sailor Aurora, meanwhile, is convinced that they are all out to save the world and that statues will be put up of all of them. In the background, Ran, Sailor Nebula, lurks. Having been forced to work for Irihi through means of a bit of Sol's power placed directly into her body, she is a sullen figure, and one that has drawn her own allies. Itazura, a being of unusual abilities, has placed before Ran the proposition of working against Irihi to regain her freedom, which he will assist her in attaining.


Did we miss anything?

Yes, this means you are officially free to rp. ;) The setup is a little different, but . . . we'll see how it goes, ne?

Look! It's an update!

Okay, pretty much it's been decided that Papillion go ahead and convert to a more journal-style of rp -- such as the Disney rpg type. (Unless you have great objections, Lime?) I guess I leave it open to you guys if you want to create separate journals for your characters. o.o

Summary coming when Umi and I have time to breathe. :)