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__pandas's Journal

Yum Bamboo!
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3027 Auto Accepts Left!

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Welcome back to Pandas. We went on a long break, but we are back.
Yep this is another one of those animal named raters! But your looks are not the only thing we rate on. We rate on your taste, style, humor, and over all if you are panda worthy.We do not rate on how scene you are and we don't care if you are. But please beware some of our members are harsh! We will decided if you rock hard enough to become a panda!

</a>__pandas is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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Rules for Applicants
2.Must be 13 years old to join (we respect LJ rules)
3.Boys and girls are welcome
4.Only accepted members can vote and post!
5.The Mods are your Gods! So do not piss them off.
6.With all applications use lj cut. If you dont know what it is here is an example <*lj-cut*><*/lj-cut*> without the stars of course.
7.For application on the subject put "Bamboo Cookies" and for lj cut put "Panda sex is hot!". This shows you read the rules.
8.Since you read the rules in the application where it says "Did you read the rules?" Put "No because Im a Panda and they cant read."
9.Do not reply to every vote that is made. Only if they ask you question. If you do you will be rejected.
10.Make sure you read the tips created for you to help you get in the community easier the entry is here.
11.If you are rejected you may reapply after 1 week.
12.You will be stamped within 2 days so please be patient.
(Failure to follow all these rules will result in automatic rejection or being banned from the community)

Rules for Accepted Members
1.ALL posts must be in friends only please
2.MUST earn at least 50 pts. a month or your will have to reapply. At the end of each month the points will be erased.
3.You can promote in here as long as you promote us someone where else and provide the link.
5.If you want to leave the community you must tell us in a post that you are.
6.Stay Active!
7.All Theme posts, picture posts, and long entries must be in an lj-cut
8.If you are going to be inactive for a while it is your job to tell us.
9.Put "stamped" in every post you make. I'm just anal about this.
7.Only Mods can promote with providing a promo link back.
8.Make sure to read the tips created for you to help you stay in the community and not get kicked out or banned. The entry is here
9.Be Harsh don't let just anyone become a panda!

Rules for Voting
1.When voting please put your yes/no in the subject and you must give reasons for your answer, if you dont then you will be asked to explain yourself if you dont after that you vote will deleted.
2.You may fight with the applicants.
3.Any homophobic or racist behavior will NOT be tolerated!
4.Mod votes count as 2 votes & member votes count as 1
5.An applicant must have 3 more yes votes then no votes to be accepted.

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The Queen Panda

The Princess Pandas
furbygirl-Points Panda
I need more. Apply today!

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Copy and paste this. Do not use rich text.
And put your answers after the <*/b> please!
You can only fix it once after it has been posted.
And if you fuck it up you have 24 hours to fix it,
but more then likely you will get no votes because
you are a dumbass.
After that I click the delete button happily!

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You must earn at least 50 bamboo a month or you will have to reapply to the community.
At the end of every month the bamboo will be erased so make sure to spend your bamboo
before the end of the month.

Ways to Get Bamboo

[[50 Bamboo]]
Becomeing member of the month
[[35 Bamboo]]
Every person you recruit.
Winning a superlative
Making a salute for the community
[[30 Bamboo]]
Getting a Community to become a Sister
Live Scavenger Hunt
Making a post in your personal journal about why you like __pandas and putting a link to join.
[[20 Bamboo]]
Picture Theme.
Scavenger Hunt.
[[15 Bamboo]]
Text Theme
[[10 Bamboo]]
Every place you promote us.(cannot be a promotion community)
Every 4 pictures you post
Particapating in a superlative
Joining and being accepted at __pandas
[[5 Bamboo]]
Every accepted/rejected/promote banner you make for us but it must be good enough for us to use.

Ways to Lose Bamboo

[[-10 Bamboo]]
Promoting a community in here without promoting us back
Every rule broken
[[-15 Bamboo]]
Fighting with a Mod
[[-5 Bamboo]]
Every time you dont make an entry friends only
Other little points will be given out or taken depending on the mods.

Come and see how to spend your Bamboo here.

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If are are doing a theme please in your subject put "Stamped//Theme#". If you are doing all themes at once please place them in one entry. AND ALL THEME ENTRIES MUST BE UNDER LJ-CUT.
Start:Nov 5 End:Nov 12

Picture Themes
With all of the following, you MUST take the pictures or they wont be counted.
Take these pics of yourself and other things.
1.Google Image Hunt. Take the first picture!
*The age you will be on your next birthday:
*The place you live:
*Your favorite color:
*The place you want to get married:
2.Pictures of your Art (It can be any kind of art, as long as you did
3.Post pictures about you swimming.

Text Themes
With all of the following your paragraphs must be detailed and lengthy or they wont be counted.
1.Write a paragraph about your favorite mod
2.Tell us about your first memory as a child
3.Whats your fav. poem and why?
4.Tell us you fav. hobbie and why you do it.

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Dont like someone in __pandas? Think that they are not panda worthy? Wonder how they even got here?
Well we have a solution for you now! Challenge the bitch!

1. Make a new post. 2. The subject line must read, "ME VS. WHO?" 3. Use an lj-cut! 4. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and at least 3 of them. They must be GOOD PICTURES. 5. You must include a reason why you're challenging them. 6. You're not allowed to challenge a mod. 7. A MOD IS ALLOWED TO CHALLENGE YOU. 8. If a mod challenges you, and you lose (which you will), then you're not allowed to re-apply.

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Start:July 4 End:July 11

Internet Hunt
Find pictures of all these items on the internet (ex. google) and post them under an lj-cut. You must find all items to get points for it.
-A worm
-An Air Conditioner
-A watergun
-A Sprinkler
-A bag of Lays Baked chips.
-A bottle of Water.
-A Hot dog bun.

Live Hunt
-A pic of you by your computer.
-A pic of you in your favorite outfit.
-A pic in your bathing suit.
-A pic of all your shoes.
-A pic of you putting on Chapstick

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Accepted The accepted members of __pandas & their point status.
Rejected The ones that didnt cut it
Banned The ones that fucking suck
Spending Points Hey its like money honey
Sisters They add us so we add them back
Promos Do the right thing, PROMOTE US!
FAQ It will answer all your ?s
Salutes We salute you __pandas

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