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Pretty much dead, huh.
For those of you who don't know, I am/was:
__d3ad__dr3am3r & nevadamist76
and..on palace:
Honey Hazel Eyes
so many more!
but now on LJ I am this.
And on palace I am now:

Yeah, yeah if anyone from the old palace group is still alive..comment on this..
OR if anyone currently knows me from palace..comment!

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Hello! I am new to this community, but yeah i never get on palace anymore cause i do not know anyone any more that is on there, but uh yeah!!!!11 next time someone is on palace IM me gapinhistories.

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I go to Avatar Palace and Mansion mostly... here's the names I use.

in reverie, bleeder, my little needle, mad rad mikeh, pull my hair, smokin'

if you know me, comment. ;)

I'm new here too.
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hi, I have logged onto palace with many names, more recently as robots are cool and i'm the joke. I've also gone on as xstarsinajar and sometimes starXcore. I usually hang out in member rooms in wonderland or avatars anonymous. woo!

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palace rants

hey everybody, let us all gather up wearing evies square avies she gave us because she pittied us and cling to the ceiling because we want to be cool like eve who hangs there all the friggin day -_- well guess what, EVE FELL OFF@!!@$

I wish I were a wizzard, I'd so propgag them -_- instead I wrote an email to the palace owner. GET RID OF THE SIGNUPSYSTEM, IT'S NOT WORKING -_-

Oh, and to you who don't know what I'm talking about, this is what happens on Dutch pally, about now.. And you know what, Dutch pally is pissing me off severally, because, not only are most my good palace friends leaving or already gone for vacation, I have 3 friggin wannabes, and I don't mean to say that I'm not ever a wannabe in some way, but these just have the IQ of a poodle dog. Not to forget, this stupid signup system, that will only let you sign up if you live in the Netherlands, and it's too complex for some people to figure out how it works too ... People BEGGING for avatars all day long, is just, plain annoying.
If you ever want to know what it's like to be surrounded by n00bs, COME TO DUTCH PALLY, gha.

ok, that was my todays rant, have a nice day :3
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Go n00b : introduction

Woo, I joined. I have been on the palace for about 3 years now, and I've seen some real palace dramas and happenings too (been in some?). You should know me as Anoice =O because that's the name I've been using for the longest now (2 years?). I can be found in mansion, wonderfag, but most my palace time is spend on Dutch palaces now (it suits my timezone better).
Go me!
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haha. k. hi. i'm alex. i've been addicted to palace for about two years. and my computers been having some problems so i haven't been on for a few month, and i miss it. meh.

so yah, hi.


(ps, my username on there usually changes a bit, but you might have seen me as nothingcanstopmenow, or alliehatesy0u.)
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