OKAY. i'm officially active on lj again. i'm on it at least once a day. which means i'm gunna start alot more sweet stuff. so what i need to know is if anyone's still freakin alive. if this post gets less than 10 comments, then it's gunna stay how it is. but if there's more, then i'll know people are still interested and i'll start to do more stuff :) so commentttt!

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k guysss! it's your mod. i'm finallllly back. i've just been so busy with school. i'm gunna try real hard to make this community better. i've changed things around so i have to approve the posts before they make it on this page cause im sick of telling people to put pics behind a cut. this is your last warning. just thought you all would like to know.

oh ps, since i have a new name and all with like 0 friends feel free to add me ;)