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Are you sexy enough?

A rating community <3

Porn stars
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome at the first pornstar rating club =]. Logo by the fabulous thereddeadbunny. (Our new logo is much better than the previous one lol)

First of all,this is a rating community. Yeah,such a community where you need to be accepted to be member of it. It's the kind of community where you can get mean comments,like I probably got in your rating community. If you act normal,however,there is little change anyone will badmouth you.
Anyway,so you think you're hot and sexy and all? Well,here we decide it. If you think you are pretty enough,join and let us decide! Of course we're not proffessionals or anything like that.....


rules for new applicants

01 If you join,post an application
02 No voting or commenting if you aren't accepted/if you haven't applied
03 Fill in the application form
04 Put everything under a lj-cut. Put this in your message and remove the stars: <*LJ-CUT TEXT*="*A P P L I C A T I O N*">PUT YOUR APPLICATION FORM HERE<*LJ-CUT*>
05 Don't bitch at members
o6 The title must be "I am Charles "Chuck"'s mother" so we know you've read the rules
07 If you get rejected you can apply again after a week with new pictures.

rules for members

01 Give GOOD REASONS why you are voting yes or no. "." as reason is FORBIDDEN. Also,don't give reasons as "I don't like your music taste" or "Your music taste sucks" or "Yes because you look like my cousin".
02 Don't bitch at other members or applicants if it isn't neccessary.
03 Only post things that have to do with this community.
04 You MAY promote for 3 communities. It HAVE to be rating communities.

application form

accepted pornstars

1. Thereddeadbunny


promote us
Promotion banners

sister communities
lessthan3hree le_elite _eatmeup sexy_n_hot

If uya want to be a sister community,join and make a new post to ask it.And place the banner and link of your community in your post.

"AND IM SOOOOO MUCH hotter than you.. i deserve your username more than you.. cuz not only am i hott, but i can brush my hair too.. unlike .. hmmm somebody like you.?!"
- ______gangsta
My god!

NOTE FOR OUR FIRST 15 NEW APPLICANTS: If you want to be auto accepted,please promote us to 3 communities that are active. One of them may be a promote community.
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