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name: Donovan Verity

age: 15

sex: I’m a dude

location: ATL, Georgia

10 bands:

1.The Seatbelts

2.The Offspring

3. Bubba Sparxxx

4. The White Stripes

5. Usher

6. Elton John

7. The Distillers

8. Weird Al

9. Josh Groban

10. DJ Greddy

5 books:

1.Starship Troopers-Robert Heinlein

2.Red Planet-Robert Heinlein

3.Pearls of Lutra-Brian Jaqcues

4.Friday-Robert Heinlein

5.John Carter of Mars Series-Edgar Rice Boruoughs

what's so great about you; why should we accept you?: Because everybody is obviously my bitch, I mean you can call me butter cause I’m on a roll (corny I know, but still funny as hell)


religion?: Skeptical. I just find it hard to believe in a God/s (or whatever) with so little proof. I would like to have something to drive me inside, such as faith, but I don’t. I do respect many religions though for the good things they do around the world. I do not respect many religions for the prejudice/animosity that they spread.

gay marriage?: All for it. One of my major problems with some religions are they view of same-sex relationships and marriages. Also one of my problems with Bush. A person should be free to love anybody they want, and they should be able to receive benefits, such as marriage, just like any other person. Did we go through civil rights for nothing!

bendy rulers?: OMFG they own! And if you slap against you desk they make a slapping noise, and if you do it enough you just might p/o your teacher. That’s what school is all about right?

llamas?: All I really know about them is from "The Emperor’s New Groove", which I thought was pretty cool. I mean they baa like a sheep, but they could kick a sheep’s ass any day.

mods?: Well, they are mods of a condom encrusted site. How fucking awesome is that?



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