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name: Jenna Marie
age: 16
sex: Female
location: Melbourne FL
10 bands:
1: Ima Robot
2: the Mars Volta
3: Captain Sensible
4: Tuxedo Moon
5: Bjork
7: Veruca Salt & The Volcano Girls
8: Elvis Costello
9: The Adicts
10: The Cramps
5 books:
1. A Clockwork Orange
2. Slaughter House 5
3. 1984
4. The Stand
5. JFK - It's a great book about the JFK assasination, and Lee Harvey Oswald, and the government. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT OR DIE KTHNX
what's so great about you; why should we accept you?: Because I am clearly better than you. I mean, come on. God couldn't beat me.
religion?: Organized religion bothers the hell out of me. No one person can COMPLETELY agree with a religion unless they are some kind of mindless drone who suck up anything you feed them. I think every one person should make a belief system of their own, and no pay hommage to what people tell them.
gay marriage?: Fuck gay marriage. I'm tired of this arguement. Does anyone else realize that marriage is a tax deduction? If you want to get married, do some spiritual marriage. Go to Kenya, and get some ritual preformed. Don't bring the state into that shit.
bendy rulers?:OMG THEY LIEK, DONT BREAK!!1
llamas?: If I weren't a vegan, I'D KILL THEM ALL
mods?: Ally is my latino lover.


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