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Ya'll Aint gonna believe this!

Ok So today my parents and I drove down to visit my grandparents and the rest of my family in Bastrop, LA. See my family owns a pretty popular BBQ restraunt down there and every once in a while we drive 3 hours south of us just for some good food. So there we are sittin' and talkin' at the restraunt. It's mostly the family there, but there are a few couples scattered through out the dinning room. Some how we got on the subject of the American Idol concert that I am going to in August and then we got onto the subject of hw Diana should have won. Not 5 mins. into the converstation did the couple at the table behind my dad ask if we were talkin' about Diana Degarmo. I politly told them that we were. Well the man then told me that he and his wife live just a half a mild down the road From the Degarmo Family. He said that they weren't family firends, but they knew each other and that they were very proud of Diana. I was as giddy as a school girl. They let me take their picture (which I will post later on). We spent almost an hour talking about Diana, Clay, and The show in general. The wife and made mention that she was a Claymate, and I then made mention about the Diana fanbase me and a couple of people across the USA are tyrin' to start. Told her we call ourselves the Di-Hards. She loved the idea, so much so she and I traded contact info and she is going to put me into contact with the group already established in Snelleville, GA! They were really nice people and are soo willing to help the group in any way they can! I am soo excited! I finally got the Snelleville contacts I have been lookin' for. Keep and eye out over the next few days for the new Di-Hard Live journal community, and for the Di-Hard Website. We will be Diana's version of "Claymates".

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