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So I just joined, woohoo!

lessee... been a fan of Diana's for a while, since American Idol. *totally voted for her!* One of my dreams for the longest time was to hear her sing live. It was beyond my wildest dreams that I would get to see her sing FRONT ROW.

For my birthday, my sister hosted me @ her dorm for 4 days (@ NYU). The first night, we went to a concert @ a Jazz club, which was amazing. The second night, we decided to hit Times Square. I really wanted to see Hairpsray for a really long time, and Diana was just an added bonus. So we figured we'd try the lotto, since we'd won evey other won we'd tried. They called out all the names but ours. But then there were 6 tickets that weren't used, so they had a "just in case" pile, in case people only needed 1 ticket, etc. So they drew the names out of that, and my sister's was the first called. So we got to see the show front row! YAY! Our seats were right in front of where Diana starts for Mama I'm a Big Girl Now.

That girl STOLE THE SHOW! I didn't know whether to look @ her or the rest of the cast! I had a blast and, as tradition states for my sister and I, we had to, and I mean HAD to, go to the stage door.

So we go and have a ball. And I met Diana. I have tickets for when Brooklyn comes to Hartford, and I told her that, and I got a photo with her, which I ADORE!

So that's my "OMG I MET DIANA DEGARMO" moment there.

I have a question now.

I saw a clip of Diana singing Don't Cry Out Loud on American Idol. Now, my question is this: What was the theme that week? Was it songs from the 70's? Was it general favorites? Or, what I'm hoping for, was it songs written by Peter Allen? He's one of my favorite songwriters, and I think I might have missed that week of American Idol. If anyone can just tell me, that would be great.


America's Most Talented Kid

I heard this news thing about America's Most Talented Kid Search Auitions that Diana auditioned. She went up against Jojo (the new 13 year old singer of "Get Out (Leave)") and beat her. I'm not too sure about this but if you guys know anything more, please tell me about it. I would much rather hear Di on the radio than Fantasia, but I'd be more comfortable if they'd both be on the radio :)

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Hey Diana Fans.. I just made an American Idol 3 community saluting Diana!! It gives the latest news and pictures of all these contestants!! Please Join!!

I worked so hard on this.. I don't want this to turn out to be a waste a time




I am in love with Diana DeGarmo. This is my first post here and I come bearing gifts. Two icons and one blend. There will be more later.

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* Hope ya love em'.

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This community is something big...


It will be a huge honkin' Diana fanbase! Join, please tell your friends. The Di-Hards are working on getting our webstie up(looksl like monday will be that day) and we are working on a message board aswell. is also going to give us serious publicity! So become a part of seriousl music history. We are in talks with the alread existing Dianamites and are considering a merger that would create something along the lines of Di-Hard Dianamites. you never know, so join now!
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