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ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Ok, yes i know these arent emo bands BUT i wanted to let anyone know about these shows. These shows are in Cleveland and i know a good handful of all you live near or in Cinci, so for those of you who live semi-near the Cleveland area or are interested, GO!. =)


Who: Converge - Cave In
Where: Peabodys. 2083 East 21ST Street / Cleveland, Ohio.
When: Sunday October 24th
* Tickets available at the Peabody's box office and all ticket master locations
Who: Dead Even, Who Killed Marilyn, Minute Of Arc, With Stemmm, JJ Magazine, Of Flesh And Blood (my best friends band), + many more.
Where: Peabody's Downunder. 2083 East 21ST Street / Cleveland, Ohio.
When: Friday : September 24. @ 7PM.
*all of the bands listed are locals.
Well there you have it, so once again if your interested go and check it out. Any questions .. feel free to leave a comment. =)
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