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This is ___bangyourdead..

Hey this is hayley, the mod of community i am just like mehhhhhh about signing into the other journal.



Name? Hayley Patricia Light
Age? Wouldnt you like to know?
Sex? Chick
Sexual Preference? I like guys and girls get over it <3

5+ Favorite bands- Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, Matchbook Romance, The Beatles, Thursday.
4+ Favorite Movies- The Butterfly Effect, Newsies, Grease, Gone With the Wind. (my answers dont matter cause i'm the coolest kid ever)
3+ People you admire- Marilyn Monroe, shes the biggest and still most popular woman from the pop culture. Shes Beautiful<3. My Father, I know its  generic, but hes been through so much and i know he gets stressed out about being a parent but he can finally be happy now, without my mom, divorce is what he wanted. Czar Nicholas, I love him with everything i have to give. ^.^!
2+ Favorite books (I wont accecpt an idiot) Nothing Feels Good, teenagers, emos and punk rockers. The perks of being a wall flower<3.

Any Hobbies? This community, and i love making mixtapes. Czar <3

Opinoins: Blarggg!

Gay Marriage- Is it right or wrong? I think its right, and i think it is more of a right. But, people are so stuck in their ways that it will never be legalized. I think its right, but thats all i am saying about it. Ask me more if you'd like.

Government- How do you feel about it in general? The Government.. The Government.. Whatever, we got fucked over i'm an independant. And I am so sick of paying attention to it.

Pictures? Post if you like.
Hahaha, no. my icon is me. =]


Much love <3.

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